Why Join?

Great question. We've listed 7 great reasons to sign-up below:

  1. Training Modules x 6:
    The first two modules are available for download now. We will send you an email when the other modules become available.  See the Modules page for more detail.
  2. 24/7 Access: 
    You can complete the modules and access the resources whenever it suits you.
  3. Unbeatable Value*:
    We have invited some of Australia's top industry experts to contribute to this project. The estimated market value of the content over the next 12 months if your organisation was to purchase it directly from each contributor is at least $25,000 plus GST.  (*If you still need a business case for your Board then see below.)
  4. Unlimited users
    within your organization. Your membership is for your entire organization. Your Communications Coordinator, your Marketing Manager and your CEO will all find something of value in the NFP Accelerator Toolkit.
  5. Great Bonus Resources:
    This section will be updated regularly. It will include case studies, templates, tip sheets, interviews and other bonus items.
  6. Access to an Online Community.
    As our membership builds we hope to open up avenues for you to network, ask questions of other members around Australia.
  7. 100% Money Back Guarantee.
    If, after completing the first two modules, you don't believe you've already received value for your membership, then we will provide a full refund and cancel it for you. [Please note: You can only apply for the full refund after the first two modules are completed and before any more modules are downloaded.]

The Business ($) Case

What's the actual $ value to your organisation? If you make full use of your membership, the estimated equivalent market value over 12 months is more like $58,000 plus GST:

  • 24/7 access to 6 modules. This varies from an estimated $8,000-14,000 + GST per learning module and is based upon the cost to your organisation if you were to hire the presenter(s) directly and purchase their templates and tools. (Say $8,000 x 6 topics = $48,000 + GST over 12 months.)
  • 24/7 access to Bonus materials. The first bonus item is 'How to get the Google Grant' which alone is worth $10,000. Estimated total minimum value = $10,000.
  • 24/7 access to up to date market info.  Ask questions of our experts or other members. We are unable to estimate the value of this one.

How we see the Toolkit:

  • It's an investment in an online learning platform for your organisation to build capacity/practical skills that are required in the extremely competitive new marketplace.
  • Access to professional development is a key retention and engagement tool for staff. The quality of your workforce talent will be a key contributor to your success.
  • Every staff member must become a marketer. This means you need to breakdown the stereotypes and stigmas associated with this term and reframe what it means to market your services. Increased marketing capability builds your ability to achieve sustainable long-term growth.
  • Being part of an online Australian network you stay connected to key thought leaders in the industry sharing from their experience as well as keeping yourself up to date with what is happening in the marketplace.

Still not sure? We will never be in the hard sell business. If any of the benefits above are of interest, then we welcome your membership. If not, then we completely understand and ask that, if you have time, we'd love you to send us your feedback. Please email customerservice@nfpaccelerator.com.au with your learning needs, or how we could do better. Thanks!